Steam Kodok LP (Colour Vinyl)
Steam Kodok LP (Colour Vinyl)
Steam Kodok LP (Colour Vinyl)

Steam Kodok LP (Colour Vinyl)

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Tags: Used

Label : Grey Past Records

Condition : Used (NM/NM) / First Pressing (2014)

Steam Kodok potrayed a highly diverse and exciting scene of 1960s pop music in Singapore (and the surrounding area). Featuring acts like D'4 Ever, Les Kalifas, Mike Ibrahim and the Nite Walkers, Rosnah and The Siglap Five, Kassim Slamat and the Swallows, Ronnie Ong, October Cherries, The Quests, Naomi and The Boys, Ismail Haron and The Guys, The Dynamics and The Antarctics. Don't be afraid by the mysterious names; this compilation rocks with all sorts of fuzzed out/ soul/folk rock/ surf/girl group sounds and some of it is even in English. It is definitely an above average collection of 17 "Ultrarities From the 60's Singapore and South-East Asia Underground".

Contains 4 page A4 booklet on bands featured with Blue Translucent vinyl.

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