Obat Sakit Kepala - A Three Way Split Album CD
Obat Sakit Kepala - A Three Way Split Album CD
Obat Sakit Kepala - A Three Way Split Album CD

Obat Sakit Kepala - A Three Way Split Album CD

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Label : Bodysurf Music

The long awaited Obat Sakit Kepala has finally arrived. The three way split album project was originally due for masses in mid 2020 but the global health pandemic happened delaying the completion and release. It is a project collaboration between three bands from across south east asia featuring Muck (Malaysia), The Guilt (Singapore), and Polyester Embassy (Indonesia). Each band contributed three songs with one song in Bahasa. This three way split album is truly filled with motley of spices and flavors reflecting the diversity of cultures from the vast of Nusantara Archipelago. Obat Sakit Kepala is not just about the music but more than that, it is a symbol of a free community that’s shaped by rock n’ roll. The Guilt is a sexy rock band project of friends from Force Vomit and The End Recordings while Polyester Embassy is one of the most influential experimental-rock bands from Indonesia. The choosing of The Guilt and Polyester Embassy to collaborate is a proof of Muck close relationship with the south east asia scene as the members of both bands have been friends with Muck for nearly two decades. This album features Muck’s first Malay songs since their 25 years of existence called “Sakit Kepala”, along with other English songs “Glory” and “Pretty Girl In Jeans”. An opening volley of several hook laden four minute noise-pop gems begins to mutate with the vaguely nostalgic bridge part, something that feels distinctly Muck which also mark the start of a fresh chapter for them. While that may sound incongruous, it is still quite Muck’s blend of attention to energetic, aggression with strong melody through and through. Polyester Embassy, Bandung based experimental rock band contributed “Parak”, “Real Time” and “Laugh and Swell”, a rendition of expensive, icy pop perfection, drum machinery framed in shivering reverb and synth-based electronic experimentation that flickers, ethereal and gorgeously giving the followers and listeners the brooding atmospheric track with a pulsating heart. While Singapore homegrown acts The Guilt,  presented “Shanice”, “Shame, Shame” and “Yr Luv Is A Peach Blossom”, positioning themselves in the middle ground of South East Asian tones and tunings with hypnotic garage punk. Title track “Shanice” brilliantly translated from English into Bahasa resulting in catchy, fresh tunes. All in all, Obat Sakit Kepala is a collaborative project with friendship at the core stemming from the question of why not? 

Obat Sakit Kepala a three way split album is produced entirely by Ducktoi of Muck and released by Bodysurf Music with support from PORT and Cendana is now available on Vinyl and CD and soon on Cassettes.

Tracklisting :

01. Muck - Sakit Kepala 

02. Polyester Embassy - Parak

03. The Guilt - Shanice (Reprise)

04. Muck - Glory

05. Polyester Embassy - Real Time

06. The Guilt - Shame, Shame

07. Muck - Pretty Girl In Jeans

08. Polyester Embassy - Laugh And Swell 

09. The Guilt - Yr Luv Is A Peach Blossom 

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