V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD
V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD
V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD
V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD
V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD

V/A : Kopi Sechewen Vol. 4 CD

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Label : Bodysurf Music 

The Ipoh-based Bodysurf Music, a DIY label running for almost 24 years now, can lay claim its finest collection of homegrown acts, their upcoming Kopi Sechewen Compilation Vol 4 (Volume 1 was released in 1997, Volume 2 in 2001 and Volume 3 in 2003) due to hit the streets in late December 2021 after a huge delay on the project since 2018. These are one of the most important Perak’s pivotal Kopi Sechewen compilation series which was coincidentally spearheaded by Bodysurf Music since 1997!

The compilation consists of 14 tracks newly recorded cuts while also retrieving gems from those cool homemade Eps from the bands. There are various music style ranging from Ipoh’s shoegaze favourite Soft, rock steady reggae Balok People, postrock mainstay The Electric Ape In Stereo, indierock lofi super-stripped down Hem, stoner doom Raksar, alternative/punkrock mid affluence Wickweaky, a sweet noisepop slackers Lovethee, experimental outfit Miura will lead the compilations enough mileage in attracting indie scenesters while britpop glory Masquerader, hardrock nu-metal Glistening Redchair, emorock darling Mosca Embassy, Swirl, Wave and Mahmud Attack will round off the project!

We are very excited about this compilation and definitely will leave us a smile on our face for a week once its hit the street before end of the year. Salute !

Tracklist :

  1. Raksar - Melakar
  2. Wickweaky - World We’re Living In
  3. Masquerader - Lost
  4. Glistening Redchair - Portals
  5. Soft - Eternal Kiss and First Flowers
  6. Lovethee - Sepuh Rasa
  7. Hem - Untitled
  8. Balok People - Melayang
  9. The Electric Ape In Stereo - A Moment To Remember 
  10. Mosca Embassy - Bangkit
  11. Swirl - Untitled
  12. Wave - Confinement
  13. Miura - Nostalgia Kebebasan
  14. Mahmud Attack - Mata Lalat

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