Deepset - The Sonic Stories of Deepset CD
Deepset - The Sonic Stories of Deepset CD
Deepset - The Sonic Stories of Deepset CD

Deepset - The Sonic Stories of Deepset CD

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Label : Live Fact Records

The album is recorded live on 27th July 2020 at Live Fact, and it was part of a crowdfunding campaign created by the Kuala Lumpur based live venue. The campaign managed to raise funds to enable the venue to stay afloat as well as to stay connected with the artists and their fans during this trying times.

Live Fact, an arts space in Malaysia’s Petaling Jaya, has released a “rockumentary” video feature about post-rock band Deepset: titled The Sonic Stories Of Deepset, which captures the band’s virtual performance from the venue last July. The short film was made as part of the venue’s ongoing crowdfunding drive in light of the ongoing pandemic. Live music in the country remains largely halted for the foreseeable future. According to Live Fact co-founder Mak Wai Hoo, the film helped crowdfunding the venue due to pandemic situation. “Through the years, I have seen them play countless times, but for this performance – in an empty hall, no audience – they served up a magical set. They offered to help us in our darkest time and that glow of hope, as cheesy as it might sound, really lifted us.” The video accompanies the crowdfunding campaign where Live Fact and Deepset have issued an exclusive Live CD. The CD features four unreleased Deepset songs, including Ballad Of The Dancing Lunatic and Madness, As You Know.

Tracklist :

1. I Promised Tomorrow Will Be Different
2. Ballad Of The Dancing Lunatics
3. Evening In The Park
4. Madness, As You Know

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