Hi-Standard - Growing Up LP
Hi-Standard - Growing Up LP
Hi-Standard - Growing Up LP

Hi-Standard - Growing Up LP

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Label : Fat Wreck Chords

Condition : Used (VG/VG) / First Pressing (1996)

Since 1991, HI-STANDARD has been a driving force in the Japanese underground music scene. Their eclectic and melodic approach to songwriting has garnered the band an enormous following that is quickly expanding from the Far East to the far reaches of the globe.

HI-STANDARD mixes catchy melodies with speed, harmony, and energy. As a reference point, you could use a Japanese hybrid of NOFX and the Toy Dolls, but their sound is still uniquely their own. Although they dwell predominantly in the vein of melodic hardcore, their influences run the musical gamut. . .from 70’s punk and British pop to soul, funk, and Latin music. These broad musical tastes epitomize the bands positive and open-minded approach to songwriting.

After releasing a wildly successful LP and 7’ on their own label, Pizza of Death, HI-STANDARD made their debut on FAT WRECK CHORDS with the Fat Mike produced full-length release, Growing Up. On this outing, the trio whipped through 14 contagiously energetic tunes. The song titles alone (‘Summer of Love,’ ‘Sunny Day,’ ‘Kiss Me Again’) display HI-STANDARD’s knack for focusing on positive lyrical themes rather than taking the generic punk route of complaining about everyday life. Other clues to their fun musical approach are their tongue-in-cheek, punky renditions of the Bay City Rollers’ ‘Saturday Night’ and Rainbow’s ‘Since You Been Gone.’ These versions will have even the staunchest of music prudes cracking a smile.

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