Zainal Abidin - Zainal Abidin LP
Zainal Abidin - Zainal Abidin LP
Zainal Abidin - Zainal Abidin LP

Zainal Abidin - Zainal Abidin LP

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Label : Warner Music / PMP Entertainment

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It was undoubtedly the combined efforts of geniuses. The team of Mukhlis Nor (composer/lyricist); Roslan Aziz (producer); Zainal (singer), Jenny Chin and Mac Chiew (musical directors); and Mustaffa Ramly, Man Kidal, T. Anggapan, Amir Yussof, Michael Veerapan and Erwin Gutawa (sesssionists) created a truly Malaysian album that is yet to be surpassed even today. Released at a time when any songs without the words cinta or luka were guaranteed of commercial suicide, the 10-song Zainal Abidin proved that great music with social-commentary lyrics ship copies, too. 

After more than 500 hours in the studio, the album, which took two years to complete, perfectly blends ethnic musical instruments like the sitar, tabla, yang ching, santoor, traditional Malay drums, gambus and kalimba with modern instruments like keyboards, guitar, piano and saxophone. The album has chalked up many firsts here, and until anyone has the guts to at least try to reach its level of virtuo sity and originality, Zainal Abidin is unrivalled.

A1 Hijau

A2 Insaf

A3 Inayah

A4 Baba

B1 Senang-senang

B2 Telaga

B3 Debu Liar

B4 Manis

B5 Damai IV

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