Polvo - Self Titled LP
Polvo - Self Titled LP
Polvo - Self Titled LP

Polvo - Self Titled LP

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Label : Merge Records

Check out the first 18 or so seconds of “Can I Ride,” the title track on the first release by Polvo, the two-guitar juggernaut that represented the other side of Chapel Hill indie rock (more on that in a moment). That two-note riff, and the guitar twang that follows, recalls the opening notes on another monster song: “The Sprawl,” a key track on Sonic Youth’s epochal Daydream Nation, an album released in October 1988, less than two years before Polvo formed.

This compilation’s nine tunes—the first seven from the Can I Ride double 7-inch EP (1990), the last two from the “Vibracobra” b/w “The Drill” 7-inch (1991)—are not quite the sound of a torch being passed, but they were a sign that Sonic Youth’s weird tunings, the hardcore punk and proto-indie rock on SST Records, and R.E.M.’s hazy rock (three big influences on this era of Polvo) were changing lives.

Indie rock? Not the 2022 kind. Math rock? Eh, not really. This was the sound of a new Southern rock, of a pre-internet guitar storm that looked at what came before and said, “What’s next?”

FFO : Unwound, Faraquet, Shellac, Bitch Magnet, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, etc.

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